Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Love

I never knew the fullness life could have until I experienced the complete joy of having children. When your life is your own, before covenant love marriage, and before life bearing gifts, one is lost to the wonder of cultivating a family. My children have filled me with such laid bare love I never knew I could contain, and I still don't know how my heart holds the fullness. I have done things for my children, that I would do for no other (besides my Lord), and I would do anything for them, to see their happiness, to hear their delight, to feel their love, and know their joy.

This reflection of my Father's love for me, for all His children. Oh, how he longs to see our joy, our passion, our delight, our growth. But how much more His love for His own dear, beloved, only son. Forever one - Father, Son, Spirit - but one must be sent. Alone for a time. To save the lost, sinning, hurting children. How the sending must have hurt. How the watching and the knowing must have burned.

And now here we are at Christmas, hanging our colored festivity, dripping opulence on doors and banisters and souls in the name of celebration. But, for all who were truly there that first holy night knew the pain of Christ-coming. Joseph - road weary, anxiety laden for his pregnant bride, responsibility burdened to keep safe the Saving One. Shepherds - society scrap, poor, wandering, lonely care givers to foul smelling grazers. Mary, beautiful Mary - her pain one of the greatest, teenaged mother, honor scarred, travel sore, searing hot contractions, alone among the burden bearing beasts, giving all, giving life to her Life Giver. The Father - watching His ONLY Son born, into this sin loving, law forsaking world, but born to be the sacrifice for the hating, cursing, hurting ones, that He loves. Oh, the pain and the joy all wrapped in one swaddled baby.

Let us not forget the sacrifice of Christmas. In our remembrance, what will we sacrifice? What will be our Gift to the Giver? Helping the hurting, as He did; laying down our idols of selfishness, or pride, or culture love; or just adoring and worshiping this baby king made Messiah made Savior. Reflect on the pain as well as the love and know that our Father sees our pain and loves us unconditionally, for we are His children.