Sunday, May 13, 2012


I am made a mother in late November.  No slight thing that this girl. . . made wife. . . made mommy happens two days before Thanksgiving.  What an amazing gift to be thankful for!  The gift of motherhood! 

I am so thankful that 'God only wise' allowed me this unspeakable joy of mothering.  It is almost a shadow of a glimpse of the ever encompassing love He has for us.   To have and to hold made flesh simply. . . to have more and to hold more.

I know love deeper because I am a mother.

I know compassion more fully because He has placed these little ones in my care.

I know joy wider because of their sparkle filled eyes.

I know peace stronger because they have rested in my arms.

I know life sweeter because of the sweetness of their embrace.

I know the Father stronger because of this gift of mother journey.

Thank you Lord for making me a mother.  For trusting me enough to guide these tender ones to You.  For showering grace after grace on us.  I love You!