Thursday, February 16, 2012

To Love

He whispers love after only a month . . .
He says he already knows I'm the one.  Says it quiet, as if the secret slips out it might not come true.
He writes it in the Bible he gives me for Valentine's Day that first year.
He breathes it in the cold night air as he walks me to my dorm room to say good night.
He shows me with surprise flowers and chocolates left on my car window - joy discovery!

He never stops.

He is always there, pursuing, giving, loving. . .
Even when scared girl puts the wedding off a year.
Even when she seeks shelter under parents' wing.
Even when she hurts and cuts him deeper than she knows.
He is there.

Always steady.  Always strong.
Always ready to give.  Always ready to love.

The years crease lines beside our eyes, happy lines, marking the smiles of life's joy.
Through wedding bliss and babies born, through the building and rebuilding years of marriage walls.
This walk beside him has made me who I am.
I could not imagine life without his steadfast love.
I am grateful for never failing, always enduring, ever bearing and believing love.