Monday, October 12, 2015


This. This is glory.

The majesty of the setting sun. The careful craftsmanship of the clouds. The shadows and light that create the masterpiece.

The movement. The stillness.

The Creator draws you in, unto Himself.  At this closing of the day, a time of reflection, of moments lived and love worn beautiful.  The passing of things and the dawning of the new.  The ever changing, yet constant skies. 

Like our God, always moving in directions to shine His glory, whether it is through His clouds or through our hands.  Longing to trace His beauty in a stream of light, in a stream of grace, in a stream of life - given out for man.

His eternal purpose is to show us His beauty and His glory.  We see glimpses in the golden sky, in the newborn smile, in the grasses green, and the mountains high.  But His goodness comes in drops, for our smallness cannot comprehend His beautiful while we walk this tainted sod.  He gives us doses of His nature, revealed in His creation.

Like a moving picture book that tells the story of His graciousness.  And He tells of what is to come, when new heaven is revealed and eternity shines in I AM alone.  The place where gold shimmers under our feet, because gold shivers in humility compared to the glory that is God. 

For His light will be our everlasting, His glory our salvation, His majesty our beginning and end.  Glory be to the King of Heaven, our Creator, our Lord!

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